An Ann Lowe Dress in Delaware

I’ll probably never have a dress custom made for myself, but to write about a couture designer and her clients, it would be helpful to learn about the customer’s experience!

So I needed to talk to some of Ann Lowe’s former clients.

Four years ago, I visited a beautiful Ann Lowe wedding gown in the collection of the Delaware Historical Society. Unlike the other dresses I’d seen up to that point, I was able to interview the original owner!

It was an exciting trip for me. I was living in DC at the time, so I came up to Wilmington on the train, found my way to the historical society’s buildings and spent about an hour looking at every inch of this gown.

This dress was a bit of a surprise because it was very elegant and extremely simple. It is also beautifully finished inside. Interestingly, this gown does not have a label. But it was mentioned in a 1960s magazine article–and that article is the breadcrumb that led me to the former bride! You won’t see any large silk flowers on this dress, but the simple bow at the waist is a perfect touch.