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Run, don’t walk….to your local magazine stand!!Conde Nast celebrates David Bowie

IMG_4573When was the last time anyone told you to rush to your local magazine stand? I’m guessing that it’s been quite a while. BUT there is a very fashionable and VERY shiny magazine in honor of David ¬†Bowie’s style and his influence on style, and even though it is 14 dollars (!!) you may want to try to grab a copy. The Brilliance of David Bowie—- published by Conde Nast and a really fun collaboration between all of their fashion/lifestyle/music/technology and etc publications.

This was also the most fashionable item available in the Wilmington, Delaware Amtrak station today. By far.


headshotA coughing and sneezing historian’s note: My closer look at the MFA Boston’s Kimono Wednesday has been slightly sidelined by the sniffles! Sorry about that. (was it the Amtrak train to Amherst? The Peter Pan Bus to Boston? The fancy hotel that looked a little too clean? I only get colds when I come home from trips) Anyway, never mind, check back in a week or so—that Kimono post will be on the way soon!