A Peek into a Costume Collection: Run, do not walk to the Fairy Tale Fashion exhibit at FIT

Alexander McQueen…interpreting Rapunzel—I want to wear this!! (Source: The Museum at FIT)
Not a couture cape—-an 18th century cape! (Source: The Museum at FIT)

An exhibit opened at FIT last month that looks AMAZING!

The Museum at FIT’s Fairy Tale Fashion exhibition.

Noritaka Tatehana, Cinderella slipper, 2014. 3-D printed? How cool is this?? (Source: Museum at FIT

It is only up for a few months—and I’m hoping that I can get to it —but I’m also hoping that YOU can get to it if you are close to NYC. My big sister is going this weekend—and also going to a related lecture and tour—she lives in NYC and gets to go to everything all of the time and you may be able to tell that I am typical little sister jealous about this!

At the Museum at FIT, Associate Curator, Colleen Hill selected 80 objects to interpret classic fairytales and in the process she created an astounding scene of color, sparkle and texture.

NOT in the FIT exhibit, so I’m cheating a bit here, but wouldn’t this be a perfect little dress (from around 1815) for Little Red Riding Hood to wear under her cape? This sweet printed cotton dress is in the collection of Winterthur Museum and I photographed this during my current costume catalog assignment—-It closes in the back with two sets of drawstrings and has an adorable apron (or pinafore) and cap I’m a Cataloguer at Winterthur and having an absolute blast working with our costume collection. (Source: Winterthur Museum)

Just from the preview on the FIT website, you can find an interesting mix of couture, historic costume and cutting edge fashion (Cinderella’s slipper with a 3 D printed twist!). I work with historic costumes at work, so it’s especially fun to see that they’ve selected some garments from the 18th century—these are the types of pieces that you do not get to see displayed very often. And the color of this cape is stunning! If you have never taken a close look at 18th century velvet, you are in for a treat!

If you’ve poked around my blog a bit, you’ve seen some Charles James—-this Swan dress is being used in the exhibit to interpret The Swan Maidens.

Because of the fragile nature of textiles, fashion exhibits can have very short exhibition windows.  I am hoping to get to this before it closes in April.

(I will report back if I make my way to see this!)

Fairy Tale Fashion is only up until April 16th—but there will also be a book and I just might let my sister borrow it…


Slightly off topic, but if I’m going to mention the apron/pinafore and cap, it’s only fair to show it to you. The cap is linen, the apron has that same shark tooth trim at the hem and it closes at the back with silk ribbons. (Source: Winterthur Museum)