I STILL didn’t get to Fairy Tale Fashion…but I’ve got the Brochure!!

I don’t think I’m getting to New York in time for Fairy Tale Fashion. Sigh. However, the giveaway FIT brochure has MANY MANY pages. Fifteen objects are represented! So, how about if we take a peek at a few objects every couple of days until we’ve finished?

Some of these were already shown when our fashion correspondent/my big sister shared her visit but now we have the curator Colleen Hill’s descriptions! If you ARE so lucky to be in the NYC area before mid April, don’t let the brochure be enough…head to this exhibit and drool over these beautiful pieces in person!!

A MILLION thanks to our little birdie and informal fashion correspondent! She ALSO happens to be an extraordinarily talented Embroiderix (I think I just made the variation of that word up!) Anyway, you can follow that link and check out her very cool Instagram

I think this one is my favorite!
And can we talk about color on this cloak!? 18th century and SO very bright. A lot of the 18th century silk I work with is still brightly colored, but I don’t know if I’ve seen any wool broadcloth or silk velvet in Winterthur’s collection from this period that is as bright!
And this? Well, I just love this. It reminds me of an early Gunne Sax dress (that is a copy of a 19th century indigo resist pattern–in an 18th century inspired dress style with a faux corset and way too much going on lace and ribbon-wise) that I own that is SO extreme and so bohemian—I wouldn’t be able to wear it anywhere. I look at this and just see a hem that would drag on every piece of city dirt in a NYC street—impractical, but I do love this.