David Bowie

imageThe exhibit On one hand,  an unusual choice for a blog like this. On the other hand? Well, musical brilliance aside, Bowie definitely has some spots held for him  in fashion history. The question is, do I really know enough about this to have anything truly smart to say?

Probably not yet. So, I’m going to study up and take a look into that history over the next week or two. His exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum is a good place to start and we’ll get into it in a few days.

For now, I should admit that news of Bowie’s death knocked the wind out of me this morning.  And I’m just a casual admirer who grew up around a die hard Bowie  fan (my big sis) during the early and mid eighties. I know his music from the drowsy, thick way it sounded through the wall between my sister’s room and my own.  Especially the music during his glass spider period. I couldn’t tell you a lot of track names, but I can always hum a bar. Such a brilliant man .