Dressing the Best: Ann Lowe Lecture in Tampa February 4th

You may have guessed that talking about Ann Lowe is one of my favorite things to do. This is why I am SO excited to have a lecture at the Henry B. Plant Museum on my schedule this winter! The Plant Museum is truly a gem in Tampa because of their commitment to recording the early history of the area when the citrus and tobacco industries were such an influence. Local wealth was built upon success in those industries and wealthy families in Tampa helped to catapult Ann Lowe to her impressive professional success.

The main key to this success? Gasparilla. I’ve talked about Gasparilla here quite a bit, and the Plant Museum took on an incredible conservation project to preserve their Ann Lowe Gasparilla dresses.

One dress from 1926 is the earliest example in a museum collection!

My first trip to the Plant museum was in 2011, when they were so kind to say yes when this grad student asked to visit their dresses. It is such an honor to return as a professional and give a talk.

If you are in the Tampa area it is on February 4th.  We’d be thrilled to see you there!