A peek into a Costume Collection (part two): I didn’t get to Fairy Tale Fashion yet, but a little birdie did…

Marchesa, 2012 Source (for all photos in this article): Charlene Fossum

We don’t exactly have a fashion correspondent here at Hidden Fashion History, but we DO have a helpful little birdie in New York City who can come help out when a wonderful exhibit pops up, and I just can’t make my way to New York. She’s the same connection who can come in handy when an Ann Lowe dress you’ve just bought is WAY too small for your own waist and you’d like to see it on a person—everyone needs a big sister!

So, my big sis took the pictures, and along with that, there’s this article from Women’s Wear Daily — that’s a help because it will fill in one important thing you’ll be missing here—exhibit text–my apologies to the curator, Colleen Hill, because objects are just one part of an exhibit—exhibit labels are everything— and as a museum professional I know how much work it takes to shape and present an exhibit’s story.  But I think we’ll all enjoy getting a closer look at some of the 80 objects in this exhibit, and if you are lucky enough to get to FIT before the show closes in April, drop me a line and let me know what it was like in person!


Snow white’s apple????
Dress in the center: Alexander McQueen, Spring 2010


The 3-D printed Cinderella slipper in real life...
The 3-D printed Cinderella slipper in real life…right in front of Giorgio di Sant’Angelo, dress, The Summer of Jane and Cinderella collection, 1971.