Fashionable Advertisements in the New York Times in 1929

Macy’s was known for their lower prices during the twenties and thirties—they offered Paris Copies and note that although “other stores may copy them as speedily as Macy’s. But probably NO STORE will copy them as reasonably as Macy’s.”

I’m spending  a lot of time in 1929 today. March 3rd to be exact. Ann Lowe moved to New York (from Florida) around that time, and taking a look at the New York Times from that period is helping to set the scene a bit. Ann lived in Harlem and operated her business from a small manhattan workroom. Of course her business was not large enough to place ads in the Times, but her work was competing with the stores that were advertising dresses—especially the ones advertising Paris copies:

This ad talks about the wide variety of Paris Copies available at a store I’d never heard of: Russeks (?)

A little while ago, I blogged about The New York Times is a fantastic supplement to that website. You can start with a search, and pick a date range— but once you select an article, you actually have the chance to switch views and see a full pdf of the paper as it originally appeared. You can turn all of the pages, zoom in to get a closer look. A great way to use archival news sources to get a feel for the everyday. And such a great way to find out more about the women’s clothing businesses that were advertising to an affluent audience. Google was creating an amazing newspaper archive around 5 years ago, an international newspaper archive with a search function that was OUTSTANDING for any researcher—but then they stopped developing it, and it slowly faded away.

Russeks department store must have also faded away decades ago. But, thanks to the wonders of the internet, a vintage blogger (Thank you Manic Vintage!!) has  written  about this department store, and even shows a dress and some magazine advertisements!