A peek into a costume collection: The Victoria and Albert Museum

Catherine Walker designed this for Princess Diana, 1989 Source: The V&A Museum
Source: The V&A Museum

So many museums share details about their collections on their websites, and although this may not really count as “hidden fashion history”—taking a peek can be so much fun.

As a museum professional who spends my full time workdays collecting, writing and preparing the information that goes onto a large museum’s online collections database, I can tell you that we are thrilled when visitors actually look up our work online and share it with friends! We put a lot of work into creating these records!!

I’ll include the museum’s link to their database record each time. Head over to their website to see all of the details, a number of additional pictures and browse a bit to find some other interesting pieces! The V&A’s website is really fantastic.

This dress is from the collection of the V&A museum in London. It was designed in 1989 by Catherine Walker for Princess Diana and it was included in the clothing auction that Diana planned shortly before her death.  My favorite detail about this dress is that the buyer was actually The Franklin Mint(!) and they held onto it for a few years, before donating it to the V&A.